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tv   Today  NBC  September 27, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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back now with more of "today" on a thursday morning. 27th day of september, 2012. you're looking at the well-chiselled back of one david goggin who is attempting to break the guinness world record for the most pull-ups in a 24-hour period. he is up to 232. he does a couple, takes a break, does a couple more, and he'll be doing that for the next day solid. and we're going to be following him as he attempts to break that record. very, very cool stuff.
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out on a drizzly plaza, i'm matt lauer along with savannah gurthrie and tamron hall. >> the professionals are here weighing in on the hot topics of the day, including the school lunches. an 850-calorie lunch sounds like a lot to some, but student athletes say they're hungry. airlines that are offering a child-free zone on the flight. to some, that is music to their ears, others say, hey, wait a minute, is that fair? whether you're a stressed out parent or a busy mom out there, we know there are ways that you'd like to, i don't know, improve your mood. some proven mood boosters to help beat fatigue and keep you going. and we've seen them all over the runways, prints. but the key question is, how do you put prints together without looking like you got dressed in the dark? >> i thought you meant purple rain prince. >> i mean prints as in this. how do you put them together without looking like an insane person.
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don't look at me like that. >> i'm sorry. i got it now. slow on the uptake. hey, before we go any further, can we do something here very important to us here at the show. one of the dearest members of our staff and crew here, ritchie mckenna is retiring today after 36 1/2 years at nbc. 20 of those years as our audio tech here on the "today" show. and i don't know if you'll miss us, but we will miss you. an awful lot. >> aww. >> thank you. >> i'm getting a hug. >> yes. >> congratulations. >> sweetest guy ever. >> by the way, ritchie, the ninth of 17 children. all right? so he's known how to put up with the shenanigans around here. >> perfect training for this job. >> no guy knows how to unzip your dress and mike you up as efficiently. >> that's a good way to leave there, rich. we love you. come back. >> thank you very much.
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>> let's go get a check of the weather now from maria larosa who is filling in for al. >> or natalie. >> or the news. >> emotionally consumed at the moment. good morning, everyone. a tentative agreement between the nfl and referees overnight is ending a lockout that had officials at an impasse since june. spurred forward by a replacement referee's call on monday night, met for two days of marathon negotiations ending in an eight-year deal. the regular refs will be back on the field for tonight's game against the baltimore ravens and the cleveland browns. voters start casting early votes in the swing state of iowa today where the polls are putting president obama in the lead over mitt romney. but the president has his eye on other battleground states too as he releases a new two-minute television ad. in it he takes on romney's economic plan and lays out a plan to spur job creation. romney campaigning in virginia
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where he'll talk to veterans at an american legion post. a new search effort this morning for teamsters leader jimmy hoffa missing since 1975 as police sample soil in suburban detroit. investigators are following up on a tip someone who claimed he saw a man who may have been hoffa being buried in that spot 35 years ago. >> we believe he's credible enough he believes what he saw that something took place that day out of the ordinary. we do not believe it's jimmy hoffa. we are not making that assumption. the time line doesn't exactly add up to be mr. hoffa. but we do believe that he may have seen a body being interred. and as a result of that, we did the ground-penetrating radar that showed an anomaly. >> hoffa was last seen outside a restaurant in suburban detroit. his body has never been found. an army brigadier general has been charged with several counts of sexual misconduct including forcible sex on his female subordinate.
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he's been based in ft. bragg since he was relieved of his command in afghanistan last may. the army will decide whether or not he faces court martial. there may be yet another reason to enjoy a little chocolate in your diet. scientists in canada tested one component in chocolate to see if it boosted memory. it did seem to help the test subjects how to perform a simple task. the only thing is, the test subjects were snails. further research could determine if the chocolate memory boost applies to humans and i volunteer to be the research study on that one. the ladies of the "jersey shore" are settling down. jenny j. wow is now engaged to her boyfriend of two years. he popped the question after the pair went sky diving. now both she and best friend snooki are spoken for. so could a double wedding be in the works? we'll have to see about that. gangnam style fever sweeping over the nation. so it's no surprise that college kids are catching on. here's one more from the university of pennsylvania.
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♪ >> a little flash mob, always the best study break in our opinion. and that guy actually kind of looks like psy. well, waking up is hard to do as we all know here at the "today" show. but waking up a 100-pound english mastiff is even harder especially if the pup just wants to sleep in. >> it's time to wake up. you get off the bed. it's time to wake up. >> that's what we do around here too. when we're trying to get up in the morning. big baby there. so cute. six minutes past the hour. let's go back outside to maria who is filling in for al. hey, maria. >> that's us before hair and make-up and good lighting. you might have noticed some of the blue shirts in the audience. has a lot to do with this young
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man a.j. from new jersey. >> go for the goal is a national pediatric cancer foundation that reaches children across the country. achieves their goals. there are also businesses across the nation participating in our national dress for pediatric cancer. >> we are so happy you're involved and he got me. he got me. and let's take a look at how the weather's going to shake down for the next couple of days. and it's going to be warm across the south, it's warm across that boundary. and talk about warm, as well, the west. temperatures anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees above average not just today but also tomorrow. if you want the cool weather, head to the great lakes interior northeast. for today, along the boundary, that's the showers and thunderstorms stretching all the >> mostly cloudy with a chance for showers, especially into the evening hours. highs in the upper 70's.
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savannah, back inside to you. >> okay, maria. thank you. now to today's professionals, we tackle some of the hottest headlines in the news. star jones, donny deutch, dr. nancy snyderman. >> hey. >> school lunches, did you see this parody. a takeoff of the song called "we are young," called "we are hungry." that limit lunches to 850 calories a day, which i don't know, sounds like a lot of food to me. but a lot of them are student athletes and say they're hungry. first of all, 850 calories for lunch, that's enough food, right? >> the whole world is too -- become satisfied with a meal not
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to be full after a meal. and as an athlete, yes, you get hungry in the afternoon, that's when you grab a protein bar or something else before breakfast. this is a smart mood to start limiting calories. >> these are the guidelines of course supported by the first lady and her let's move campaign, as well. they say in the context of an obesity problem, this is something we need to do. do you think this goes too far the kids aren't getting enough? >> absolutely not. i think this is the road to the right direction. we've reduced so much of athletics and after school activities, our physical education in school. if we can't take control at this point, then our kids are going to -- >> it has to be 850 of the right calories. >> right. and by the way, the kids can have snacks in addition to that, but it's got to be fruit, vegetables, or light milk. >> i think it's a great idea. it's the athletes not the problem. this is one more example of the kids rebelling and i've talked a lot about this shared sacrifice.
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nobody wants to give on anything. >> right. >> if we don't solve obesity, we don't solve the health care problem. this is -- if kids can't give up 300, 400 calories a day, shame on them. great idea. >> no kids allowed, air asia popular airline in southeast asia advertising it starting in february blocking off the first five rows of economy saying no kids. anybody under 12, you're not allowed. >> good lord, that's mean. >> well, it means if you have a baby, there's no bassinet holder. >> look, i have kids, but the same way if my kid is screaming in a restaurant, i take them out, you can't do that in a plane. nobody's saying you can't fly on an airplane, i think it's a great idea. >> is it not fair to the parents to go to the back? >> and they're not charging extra for you to reserve those first seven rows. when you get that quote, extra leg room seat or priority rows
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they charge you extra. they charge you extra for a pillow and blanket. >> if you want to be a social praia, be a mother with a baby on an airplane. every businessman looks at you as you're coming down, oh god, please not here, not here. >> i have to ask you one question, is it okay to give your kid a little benadryl when you get on. >> yep. >> really? >> no, it's not. >> yes, it is. >> no, but -- legally we're never going to suggest that you give your child a drug on national tv. >> you think this could fly? in this country? or would there be a backlash? >> by the way, even if it's not the first seven rows, it takes the pressure off the parents. >> star, this is like my get real again. >> wait until you have kids. >> no, i just bring my headphones, that's what i do and go into my own zone. i honestly do. >> you're so pure. >> well, i'm 50, didn't have any
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kids and kind of want some, so i feel the baby thing. >> i feel bad for the parents. they're not happy. >> so to all mothers out there, if you have a screaming baby on tv and star's on the plane -- >> you can hand him right to me. hand him right to me. >> all right. from kids to marriage, for better or worse? an article lately about prenups and some of the rather odd clauses. one read if husband is rude to wife's parents husband agrees to pay $10,000 for each infraction, another limited the amount of weight that one spouse could gain and another demanded the wife not cut her hair. give me a break. >> why is everyone looking at me? >> i have to tell the truth. the expert quoted in that article is my divorce lawyer. >> so? >> i do kind of have to tell you -- >> i'm sorry, you are the queen of prenups. >> you're doggone skippy, and i
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can legally tell you there are certain things i cannot respond to. there was enough in my prenup that a gnat couldn't come through it. >> okay. >> there you go. >> wow. >> identi've been involved in a divorce, and prenup is meant to protect both sides. somehow it has a bad word, but the right prenup is protecting the person with the assets and whoever else to be taken care of. this stupidity of putting on too much weight. maybe you shouldn't be getting married. if each one of you puts on ten pounds -- >> that's kind of always been what people have said about it. it's a marriage, it's not a business contract. >> it is -- >> the stigma is gone? >> it is a contract. marriage is a contract. >> it is, but i guess the criticism has always been -- >> you're negotiating the marriage and divorce at the same time. >> at this point, i was getting married and obviously i'm an older guy coming in with a lot of assets. any woman that would have an issue with it and i'd be saying her, i want to protect you also,
9:14 am
she'd be sending me a red flag if she has a problem with a prenup. >> i would never allow you to get married without a prenup. >> that's not true. >> once and for all, i am not a -- i'm like a dad, you've got to stop this. >> i know, but it amuses me. >> you're a dad player. >> i'm a dad. >> your lawyer wouldn't let you get married without a prenup. >> i wouldn't let me get married without a prenup. >> i wouldn't, period. >> all of you if you get married again, prenup all the way? >> yes. >> absolutely. >> last topic, think before they jump. this is the american academy of pediatrics have come out with more information about how dangerous those big trampolines are. nancy, i mean, would you let a child jump at this point? >> they are fun, they are dangerous. 79,000 injuries, i think, last year in this country. there's no -- well -- >> nancy, legally, if you have a trampoline in your backyard and
9:15 am
somebody comes in who is not even invited and they jump on the trampoline and break their neck, they can sue you. you do not need to have a trampoline in your backyard. >> and you don't need anything extra that could cause problems. >> yeah. >> do i need it? no, don't get it. is it dangerous? yes. is it fun? >> they're not doing trampolines, they're going to school. >> savannah, can i ask ritchie to come and unzip me one last time, please? >> what you do off camera is your business. nice going away present. thank you. coming up next, mood boosters to help you beat the mommy blues. but first these messages. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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♪ this morning on "today's moms," breaking the mommy blues. busy back to school schedules, crammed routines, sleepless nights all sound familiar. it can set any mom on an emotional roller coaster. there's a few simple diet changes to get you on the right track. joy, good morning. >> good morning. >> well, we know you are what you eat truly. it really sets the mood for the day. >> and by eating the right foods, you really can significantly increase your mood, bump up your energy level and combat some of those ugly pms symptoms. >> so you're going to get us on the right track first fighting those mood swings. first act of defense, you say exercising at least 30 minutes a day. why and how much? >> it doesn't have to be
9:19 am
strenuous. it literally can be obviously you can hit the gym. but do yoga or meditation or put your child in a stroller and just walk. and that's because exercise -- >> mm-hmm. >> lets out feel-good hormones and put you in a better mind set. it needs to be like a prescription. the second thing, you want to eat fatty fish like salmon and sardines at least three times a week. >> you've got an example of some things you can eat. >> i got a little creative over here. salmon sushi, or you can put salmon in a pasta with vegetables. and the reason i'm picking salmon is because it has the type of omega 3 fat called epa. when we look at the research, that tends to be linked to better brain health. and boosting your mood a little bit, more so than the type of omega 3 and things like walnuts and flak seeds. whenever you can, go for the fish. >> how about supplements? >> two supplements that are definitely worth considering, st. john's aid, but they
9:20 am
definitely have medicinal effectiveness, you want to speak with your physician because sometimes they're contraindicated. but you can get both of them over the counter. >> reward yourself, give yourself five-minute congratulations, right? >> every day at a regular time, it could be when you're brushing your teeth, making dinner. think of three things that you did that day that you're either grateful for or you're proud of. maybe you took a friend to the doctor, maybe you didn't lose your temper with your kids or made a healthy dinner. >> we all need that. exactly. next, overcoming fatigue. and starting with a protein-rich snack. >> right. so we know through research that protein helps to activate, wake-up the brain receptors. >> right. >> so you want a protein-rich snack with at least 10 grams, and i love this trail mix because it's locw calorie i add light popcorn and peanuts. it's delicious. you can also spritz it with an oil mister and put cajon seasoning on top. >> yogurt.
9:21 am
>> nonfat greek yogurt. >> nice protein in that. >> healthy jerky. you can get salmon jerky, and turkey jerky. and also a hard-boiled egg. pop out that yolk and put hummus on the inside. >> caffeine, coffee, tea. >> moderate dose, go for green tea or black tea because it has half the amount of coffee. or you could mix regular coffee and decalf. >> relieving pms. >> this is the pms potato. >> i didn't know that. >> it's strategically formulated so it gives you magnesium, calcium, and b-6, and those are three things that help to fight irritability and bloat and mood swings. it's got the potato, black beans, a little bit of salsa and garnish. >> make it good. >> when you're craving chocolate -- >> we're out of time, joy, but you say go for the pudding. >> vanilla nonfat yogurt and 2
9:22 am
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there he goes. let's take a look at david goggins attempting to break the guinness world record of pull-ups in 24 hours. ♪ every little thing gonna go my way ♪ ♪ i woke up to a light bulb on ♪ every little thing is possible now ♪ [ female announcer ] kraft singles have no artificial flavors and they're always made with milk so all you taste is something amazing. ♪ life is amazing with the love that i found ♪ ♪ -oh, that's just my buds. -bacon. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] donuts. how about we try this new kind of fiber one cereal?
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> the front is stalled to our north and west. waves moving along the front. scattered showers, maybe a rumble of thunder in the forecast. temperatures in the upper 70's. rainy forecast will stick with us overnight tonight.
9:29 am
9:30 am
i'm offering myself again to tom cruise. i'm offering myself to you. >> that would be amazing. >> you can't offer yourself up, though, there's a whole competition you've got to do apparently. >> it would be good for them to be associated with me, then people wouldn't think they were so ridiculous. >> i don't know about that. >> all right. >> she's good at saying the outrageous, author chelsea handler, she's got legions of loyal admirers, including "time" magazine which made her one of this year's most influential people. and we'll chat with chelsea tomorrow on "today." >> cutting edge. there's another word.
9:31 am
>> she's awesome. i love her. >> a diplomatic way. good morning, everyone, i'm savannah gurthrie alongside natalie morales and tamron hall. >> talking about prints, from bold aspects to mini checks, prints are everywhere this fall. and with a little help from bobbi thomas, how to mix and match the hottest looks without overdoing it. many of us don't know how to put the prints together. >> but tamron's got a good print going on today. >> that's leopard. not by design, pure luck. >> bobbi approved. and could brushing your teeth after a meal really be bad for you? we've been taught to brush after every meal. or what about eating lots of little meals throughout the day. that's another thing that helps you lose weight with your metabolism. why these daily habits may not be so healthy for you after all. and we'll head into the kitchen for a texas style tailgate party. >> we're ready. >> okay.
9:32 am
yee-haw. we're making shrimp skewer courtesy of chef tim love. >> got to bring us some love. we want to check in again with david goggins. how are you feeling? can he hear us? he's breathless. >> can we go back to the clock and see how many he's done or to the countdown? >> 418, so by his count, i think he said he had to have about -- he had to do about 320 or so per hour. >> so he's ahead of that for the world record. again, he has to do 4,023 by tomorrow morning. >> well, imagine he has to go into a zone to keep that going. >> a zone. >> and you don't want to stop and chitchat about chili. >> don't remind me of food because i'm doing the liquid diet. >> you do your little show, i'll be setting a guinness world
9:33 am
record. >> let's check in with maria with a check of the weather. >> that'd be tough with the chili and pull-ups. >> right outside the kitchen. >> but he's in the zone. >> he's in the zone. >> he's tough. >> yeah. that too. that helps. well, as far as the weather, might be a little tough out there right now. it's a little gray, cloudy from newark clear to the southern plains. strong thunderstorms possible in the panhandle. one side of that boundary to the south, it's warm and muggy. to the north, places like chicago, 65 degrees, waking up to a bit of a chill, but count on above-average temperatures in the west, not just for today, but the next several, 10 to 20 >> showers are possible today, especially into the afternoon and evening hours. temperatures in the upper 70's to the low
9:34 am
ladies, back over to you. >> thank you, maria. up next, we'll show you how to pull off the season's trendiest prints, but first, these messages. most of the pain i experience is in my knees. when i think of aspirin, i really think of it as that bottle in the back of my parents' medicine cabinet. finding bayer advanced was huge. i was really surprised by how well it worked. and i'd definitely use it again.
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. this morning on bobbie's style buzz. the art of mixing prints from the sidewalk to cat walk, mixed prints are everywhere. here to share quick tips to look like a pro is bobbie thomas. good morning. >> good morning. >> a lot of us have been seeing it everywhere. celebrities have been wearing the trend and seem to know what they're doing, but the rest of us need you to help us out. >> celebrities are pulling off looks that might be a little bolder. you see scarlet johansson and diane kruger. >> what are some common mistakes people make? >> i think sometimes, i think when they don't try to mix and match. sometimes a print can look a little dated if you pair it with a solid, that can be basic.
9:39 am
but i think experiment, color is really the key to mixing prints. if you want to jump in. you'll see on my outfit -- >> uh-huh. >> i've got sort of an orange print on top with brown, but the black is really the repetition and so are lines. >> and that's what you say, look for a common color to tie the outfit together. >> common colors are going to be helpful. you'll see with our lovely model mae. great piece, this is liz claiborne at jc penney and the pants $17 at h & m. the key combo is the burgundy, the red that keeps repeating. this one happens to also repeat the black. >> and the red and the polka dots. >> yeah, there are lots of repetitions in general. but the color's going to be the first key to look for. you see the common color here and you'll see also another example here, the common color is the navy and the purple. so this really helps tie them together, but accessories can really anchor your look. you see the black glasses, necklace, and shoes can sometimes tie it together. you can put a red belt and a red
9:40 am
shoe to give you a point of reference that can bring the whole ensemble together. >> i love it. also talking about scale, you say play with scale, as well. because i guess the size of the print really matters too. >> we hear different rules, and there are exceptions. but the general rule if you're looking to do this at home, look for a smaller print like the leopard, which is a great classic. but don't be afraid of a bolder floral print. something a little bigger will complement that. and you can also think of scale in terms of density. the leopard is a tight print, but if you see this sort of scarf, it's a looser, more sparse polka dot. that will complement the leopard. and here, again, like you said size. black and white is a great color combination that most of us can work with, this is only $12 top from jc penney, again, and the pants, it's a similar print, but smaller. >> smaller, right. >> the scale where it's big on top and small on the bottom, another great key to let one lead. >> okay. and finally over here you say
9:41 am
also allow for contrasting prints, as well. what do you mean by that? >> what i liked about keisha's look, this is a color block skirt we see. it's a big trend right now and some people think i pair it with a solid blouse, right? but you can do it with a print. the color block is very structured and the print on top is abstract. so the rule is opposites attract. go for something like you see in this sweater here. this is a chevron pattern that is structured and the brocade is feminine. just like with a feminine floral print top and a skirt that's more masculine with a straight, structured print. so kind of going the opposite way with squiggly lines and straight lines. >> i get it now. >> all of the combinations on our website, but also tips online. it makes it easy. three simple steps. >> she's going to style us all. thank you. >> coming up next, so-called healthy habits that are not as good for you as you might think.
9:42 am
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good morning. >> good morning. >> i have been railing on this segment since i received the notes last night. i'm going to give you time to explain. let's jump into the first of the seven. people believe that when you go to the toilet, public restroom, women, we squat. and you think you're being healthy by doing that as opposed to sitting on the seat itself. >> exactly. so at prevention we want you to have good healthy habits and avoid these health traps. when you squat, you contract the pelvic muscles, so you don't empty your bladder completely, which is the perfect set-up for a uti. >> that's a urinary tract infection, which is disaster. >> which is also a disaster. >> so a better option may actually be to use the toilet seat covers, that way you'll empty your bladder frequently. and if you are prone to frequent utis, there's research that shows cranberry juice helps prevent urinary tract
9:47 am
infections. >> i think i told you somewhere advertised you can get your own toilet cover you can carry with you when you travel in case they don't have them. >> you need to do that, sure, go ahead. just don't squat. >> just don't squat. okay, unless you're in the gym. brushing your teeth directly after meals. i think every dentist i've had in my entire life said you're supposed to brush after every meal. >> we know it's a healthy habit. but brushing right after a meal may not be your best bet. >> why? >> because certain foods, like acidic foods, your sodas, fruits, and tomatoes will soften the enamel on your death, so you erode that. it may be a better idea to wait 30 or 60 minutes after a meal before brushing. or another trick is to mix up a solution of baking soda and water and about a 1 to 8 ratio and rinse after the meal with that. >> that's a good idea. next, moving on. grazing or eating small, frequent meals. people tell you you can keep your metabolism stoked.
9:48 am
>> i call it the calorie trap. but, if those meals are eaten late into the night, then you're really increasing your caloric load, which is preventing weight loss and promoting weight gain. i think a neat little tip is to really think about eating in about a 10 to 12-hour window. if you ate breakfast as your first meal at 7:00 in the morning. then you cut off at about 7:00 in the evening and no more eating after that. >> that's good one. 7:00 to 7:00. good one. moving on to the glass of wine or the night cap, or words with friends before bed. that's a bad idea. >> turning that phone down is a great option in terms of silencing the phone, but then using that same device to play games or surf the internet or to do all kinds of other activities, you're not relaxing. the body's not allowed to wind down. you've got to remember that all electronics, your tv, computer, your phone emit a blue light which delays our internal body clock and keeps us wired and
9:49 am
awake. so the best idea is to really turn everything off, jump into bed and do something nonelectronic. number five, getting chores out of the way is a good idea, but you say a chore a day won't keep the doctor away. >> i know we're all guilty of this. we've got those lists, we've got to get them done and we obsess about them until they're done. however, walking into your house after a heavy-duty day and seeing a bunch of clutter, which is stressful, but trying to make yourself de-clutter in a short period of time is equally stressful, spikes your cortisol, drops your health and your health-fighting ability and is not a good idea. sometimes it's a better idea just to relax, put your feet up and don't worry about it. >> on your list you also say don't try to catch up on missed sleep over the weekend and also changing your pillow case weekly does not tackle the problem, you need to change the pillow. >> exactly. wash your pillows. >> thanks. i feel better. i hope you at home feel better. up next, skip the sandwiches at your next tailgate party, tim love is in "today's" kitchen,
9:50 am
but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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♪ this morning in "today's" kitchen, chili marinated skewers, easy as one, two, three. from tim love, his new ft. worth, texas restaurant is the wood house smoke house which was named to bon appetit magazine's top 50 restaurants of 2012. congratulations. >> thank you. >> you are awesome. we, of course, expect nothing but the best from you. you're making skewers today. this is party of the tailgating theme. forget the hamburgers and hot dogs, let's step it up a notch. >> do something different. they're really easy to make. they have a lot of flavor, a lot of fun. it's different than hamburgers and hot dogs. >> and they're portable. >> that's right. >> we're starting with shrimp. >> you peel the shrimp. >> okay. >> i've got some -- >> onions. >> little bit of red onions, some cilantro. right here. >> i like how you made the
9:53 am
marinade with the shrimp in there. >> right. >> roasted garlic, red chile pepper. >> a lot of chili pepper. >> keep it hot. >> and then we've got some lime juice. >> okay. >> and these marinate for about 15 minutes. >> 15 minutes, that's it? >> yeah. >> that's easy. >> you don't want it sitting too long. >> right. >> as it sits, it'll color up. when you skewer shrimp, you know, natalie, i depend on you for one thing today, i don't know what else i'm going to do. >> i'm not a bon appetit top chef. >> if you were hanging out with me, you would be. look at how we join them together. >> that's a way to do it. >> and also you want to lay out the shrimp on the cutting board so when you skewer them, it goes right through the center. >> and not your finger. >> not your finger and also keeps them flat so when you put them on the grill they're even on the grill. if you skewer on top of each
9:54 am
other, they don't get as even. it's real quick, you know, with shrimp it takes about a minute and a half a side, especially after they set in the lime juice. >> you don't want them rubbery. >> as you're cooking the shrimp, you say to yourself, self, what do i do with the side burner on my grill? >> what do you do? >> little bit of reduction of orange juice and shallots and white wine. so we turn this up, add a little bit of cream to it. this is going to make you cheap for your butter sauce. we don't want to get too complicated with it. >> right. >> so real quickly you just stir in a little bit of butter. and this is a great sauce. >> delicious. >> -- for the shrimp. so just like this. very simple. and i know this is very odd for everybody at home, but i actually have one done. >> okay. through the magic of television. >> crazy how that happens. you can see how quickly -- >> it reduces. >> it multiplies into that
9:55 am
sauce, then add a little bit of salt. >> smells good. >> and over here, i've got pork skewers here, which are beautiful with a little barbecue sauce on top. side burner opportunity. >> right. >> and grilled beef skewers with onions and peppers on top. and i'm going to let you do that. >> do i drizzle on top? >> drizzle on top. act like a hero. >> i'm a hero. >> i knew you could do it. >> you know who is a real american hero, though? >> who? >> is dave goggins right now hard at work. >> he's working? >> he's working for the record. >> how are you feeling? >> i feel pretty good. >> you feel pretty good? am i distracting you in the zone? >> no, you're doing good. >> you've got your team here, peanut butter for protein. you need anything? >> i need people to donate money. >> we're going to donate. and i'm going to help you. right now we need people to donate. ready? okay.
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